Lambley Fishing is perfect for tuition because it is private, secluded and best of all double bank! This means there will be suitable pools no matter which way the wind is blowing. There are ample fields all around too if flooded off. The independent guides and coaches we use are all qualified to Lead Angling Trust Coach Level and/or GAIA and/or AAPGAI certification. All are fully insured and have First Aid and Child Safeguarding training and certification.

We highly recommend a guide for at least the first morning of your fishing because they will show you the best lies and recommended flies for the conditions, and you will have greater chance of success!

We offer tuition and guiding in the mornings or afternoons (or both of course). Tuition normally lasts between two and three hours depending on the number in the group. The instructor will contact you before hand to arrange meeting place and time. Suitable fishing tackle can be provided for the tuition part of your day. Tuition can be given without a Lambley fishing permit.

Guiding will normally last four hours per session and the guide will contact you before hand. You will learn how to read a river and where the best fish lie and how best to fish for them. You must have a Lambley fishing permit for the day of guiding and the guide can be shared between your group of rods.

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